Offering a wide variety of capabilities across multiple test platforms.

We offer services to solve customer and supplier challenges.

  • Original component manufacturer approved test software when available
  • Current and legacy ATE platforms
  • Flexible equipment utilization
  • Testing Services include: Military, Special screening, Up-screening, Selected item drawing, Source control documents, Tier-2 automotive testing
  •  30,000 square feet Test facilities include Automated Test Equipment (ATE), full Computer Aided Design (CAD), Burn In, and Yield Management capabilities

Test Capabilities:

  • Digital, Analog, RF, Memory, ECL, Mixed Signal, ASICs, PLDs, FPGAs
  • Tri-temp automation for package and wafer
  • Creation of custom high-quality test solutions
  • Temperature profiling: -60º C to +200º C
  • Test development
  • ATE platform conversion
  • Component programming
  • Electrical and mechanical interface design
  • Full CAD design
  • Device burn-in